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Place an advert on our main page and promote your business to your local audience. Our advertising is highly targeted and your advert will only appear when someone searches your particular Town or City for what you have to offer.

Display adverts should be submitted in jpeg or gif format and should be sized 250 X 80 pixels. Ads are given high visibility on our main page (top right hand corner) to maximize your exposure to prospective customers in your area. Only one advert is displayed on a page so advertisers "own" the page and do not have to  compete with other advertisers on the page for visibility and price.   

We believe local businesses should not have to get into bidding wars and pay an "arm and leg" for effective online advertising. We think you will agree our low fixed pricing is right and beats the competition hands down!

Yearly Advertisement Rates


     Prices by Country       

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
United States $36 $72 $144
United Kingdom £24 £48 £96
Canada $36 $72 $144
Australia $36 $72 $144
NewZealand $36 $72 $144
Euro Zone 36 72 144
Slot 1. The most popular choice. It is highly targeted to people looking for your specific type of business. Your ad will show when people select your matching location, main category, sub category and your particular business type. Attract local customers to your business.
Slot 2. The next most popular choice. It is targeted to people who may be looking for your type of business in your area. Your ad will show when people select your matching location, main category and sub category but not a specific business type. A good choice for both attracting customers and creating brand awareness. 
Slot 3. The most generic choice. It is less targeted and generally used to create brand awareness in your community. Your ad will show when visitors select your location and main category only. Lets people in your town know you are there!    
Note: All ad listings are subject to our published terms and conditions.   

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